You can choose to have several email addresses linked which means everyone can see the progress their child is making. Just let Celina know on the permission slip

next. These observations are kept as a record of their achievements and placed in a Learning Journey. Here at St.Mawgan Preschool, we use an electronic Learning Journey system called Tapestry. This allows you to access the journey from home on your computer, tablet or even mobile. You will be alerted to any new observations and can log into your own child’s learning journey. You can also add comments and photos of the things your child does when they are with you at home, on holiday or anywhere else.

These journeys are lovely to share with your child in comfort and you can chat to them about what they have been up to. When it is time for your child to leave us, we will add the journey disc which you can keep forever and print off if you wish. If you do not have access to a computer, please do not worry, we will record the information in the same way and will print it off for you to take home from time to time.

For those schools which also use the Tapestry system, we will transfer your child’s learning journey to their system and they will continue to use it until the end of the Foundation Stage- making it a wonderful record of their achievements.