Both rooms have opportunity to access the full Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS)

with us for a while and have gained confidence in our routines and are able to access our facilities with increasing independence

The SHELLS room is a more nurturing environment, smaller room with less children. The idea for this room is to accommodate  and meet the needs of many of our children during their early days with us. Here the children are introduced to each other, we can fully meet their personal and social needs in a quieter area. This in turn encourages greater communication opportunities and helps the children to understand the routines.


The session begins when the staff are in the room from 9am. Please try to drop your child in promptly so that the fun and learning can begin.

Free play is offered to the children so that they can settle in and get ready for the rest of the day - by familiarising themselves with the activities on offer.

9.10am we will go into our circle time groups where show and tell and Booky Bear is shared with the children.

Click here to learn about Booky Bear and Booky Bunny!Booky_Bear.html

Focus Groups

This is when we use the Letters and Sounds Games to encourage literacy skills -it is full of stories and rhymes which encourages listening skills, retelling stories and events, using musical instruments to play games or even just going on a listening walk. As the children progress through the stages, they will be introduced to letter sounds, again through games. Free Play, Snack, Planned Activities follow for the rest of the session until lunch time. In the afternoon the pace is a little slower, and cooking may be offered, walks to the Bonsai Nursery to look at the carp or flowers.